Dogs for Adoption
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All animals located in Hawaii can be adopted in
Western Oregon & Philadelphia area.
Welcome To Our Rescue!

We are dedicated to rescuing animals in Hawaii, especially those abused, abandoned, and neglected.  Our mission is to place our rescues in safe, happy, well-balanced homes.  All of our animals are placed with foster families who rehabilitate, care for, and love each one while waiting to be adopted.

Some dogs come into our lives and quickly go
Some stay awhile
They leave pawprints on our hearts
And we are never the same...
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This page was last updated: June 28, 2015

Pawprints Rescue
Four Paws One Heart

Things to Know about Pawprints Rescue

  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Funded by donations
  • Staffed by volunteers
  • We don't have a shelter location
  • Our animals are housed with volunteer foster homes
  • Adoptions begin by filling out an adoption application
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Lola and Santi

Born 2003

Born 2003
black and white

Bun Bun

Lola and Santi

Lola and Santi were rescued as kittens in 2003 from a migrant farm camp in Virginia. They were part of a feral litter at the camp. Living in rural Virginia, these two cats spent their days exploring the vast woods around their house. For the most part, they ate and slept indoors, but on occasion they stayed out for the night. They had a very easy and happy life.

In 2009 they came to Hawaii and they have spent the last three years as strictly indoor pets. They love to hunt rats and mice and they would thrive with access to a yard, barn or woodsy area - Lola is pretty fierce when she wants something, and they love both attention -- and feet. They are pretty laid back when they are allowed outdoors.

They have never really been around children, so they might not do well in a toddler environment.

young adult

young adult

Koa and Justice can be adopted together or seperate

Koa and Justice

Koa is about a year an a half. He's american bull dog mix.  He has a good personality and loves the ocean and is great with kids. If you you tell him "Koa do you want breakfast?" he will bring his bowl to you. He's a very smart dog.

Justice is about two years old and an  Airdale Shepard mix. He has a sweet gentle personality and is very smart. He survived parvo as a puppy. He loves to run, go swimming, and play ball. He is great with kids..