Dogs for Adoption
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All animals located in Hawaii can be adopted in
Western Oregon & Washington & Philadelphia area.
Welcome To Our Rescue!

We are dedicated to rescuing animals in Hawaii, especially those abused, abandoned, and neglected.  Our mission is to place our rescues in safe, happy, well-balanced homes.  All of our animals are placed with foster families who rehabilitate, care for, and love each one while waiting to be adopted.

Some dogs come into our lives and quickly go
Some stay awhile
They leave pawprints on our hearts
And we are never the same...
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This page was last updated: November 21, 2014

Pawprints Rescue
Four Paws One Heart

Things to Know about Pawprints Rescue

  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Funded by donations
  • Staffed by volunteers
  • We don't have a shelter location
  • Our animals are housed with volunteer foster homes
  • Adoptions begin by filling out an adoption application
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Izzy was a resuce found on the side of a mountain.  She had dermadectic mange which she survived but has never regained all of her fur so she partly bald.  Its been coming back slowly over the years so she might get some more.  She is now healthy and happy.

Izzy loves to go for walks and is a great walking companion.  She is very snuggly and kids love to come and hug her.  She "roos" when she wants attention or to play.  She shakes paws and rings her bells to go out.  She is very obedient and well behaved in general. She is fine to just hang out while you are gone and happy to see you when you come home.  She loves to just be with you.  She loves to snuggle and will crawl in your lap on the couch if you let her. 


Terrier mix
About 60 pounds
Brindle with white


Lab mix
About 60 pounds
dark brown

Coco was once a chained dog. He is tender hearted and extremely obedient.  He knows his left paw from his right!  He can learn new things very quickly.  He loves to sit on his cot in the back yard and watch for squirels and ravens.  He gets along with other dogs and likes to think he's in charge but he's actually at the bottom of the pile and gets bossed around.  He's a good sport about it:)  He is good with kids and allows them to lead him and tell him what to do.

Coco had his back toe removed because of a growth.  He still loves to go for long walks or run short distances with the bike.  He loves to snuggle and sit with you and chew his bone. He is fine hanging around the house while you are at work and doesn't get into anything.

unknown age or breed
This pet is located in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington Area

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